Executive Medical Services:

Ever wonder how a conventional physician can offer you more than just traditional medical care?
Have you heard about the PLAC test, sdLDL, LP(a), or how an Ultrafast CT scan can save your life?
DO you really believe that looking at blood sugar, fats, cholesterol, red blood cells, and urine can provide an ample amount of data to predict your health?
What about the new testing that can improve upon the older tests?  Do you get a comprehensive assessment of the hormones that run and regulate your Brain and thereby your body?
Did your physician voluntarily advise you and perform an Insulin level, free testosterone, estradiol, pregnenolone, fT3 or rT3 levels?
Traditional or conventional medicine is for the masses as a quick and inexpensive screening modality. Just look at the number of deaths that still occur since we still believe that this level of testing is the only level that you need.
Why is it that 50% of the heart attacks happen in people with normal or low levels of cholesterol. Is there something else that we are missing? Obviously the answer is Yes, otherwise I would not have lead you to this point.
The Millennium Health Group/Centers, has spent the past 22 years providing leading edge evaluations and treatments that have been utilized around the world.  We did not develop anything, but we did perfect the use of these tools in the advancement of Wellness Medicine.

The Services:

1)  You may come into the office for a blood draw, go to one of our nationally located draw centers, or have a phlebotomist come to you.

2)   Laboratory testing will consist of a comprehensive hormonal evaluation, chemistry, and complete blood count.  If you are over 40 a Advanced Cardiac Panel will be performed that looks at the inflammatory markers associate with coronary hear disease.  Males over 40 will have a Prostatic- PSA test added too.

3) Once results are received by our office an initial interim 4 page report will be written and emailed to you.  You will set up a Skype, Phone or in office appointment to review your lab results and talk about any suggested treatment.

4) Subsequent to your consult/review you will be sent a Patient's Handbook (60+ Pages) with copies of your raw lab results, final written report, and supportive documentation for the protocol you might elect to start.

5) All supplements suggested and agreed upon can be sent to you by our offices.  If you are a California or Florida resident you can be sent medication, but if not we will have to request them from your personal physician.  I will speak with them after receiving HIPPA Authorization to do so from you.