The PLAC Test was approved by the FDA in 2007 as a stand alone predictive test.
Before placing a patient on a Statin medication we first run an LP-6 panel which looks at the inflammatory chemistry that has been found to be more important as a group than Cholesterol.
This concept became very apparent when two patients in the practiced had Cholesterols of 349(P1) and 145(P2).  P2 and P1 both had an Ultrafast CT Scan of the heart. P1 had a score of ZERO (0) and P2 had a score greater than 2000.
P2 had a subsequent Thallium and then Angiogram which showed 95% occlusion of the right anterior descending artery (The Widow Maker).  Thereafter, P2 went in for Coronary artery by-pass graph with great success. Post-surgically, the Lipid Panel-6 (LP-6) was drawn on both P1 and P2.
Although P2 had a low total cholesterol all of his inflammatory markers were high while P1, with the elevated cholesterol, all the inflammatory markers were Normal or Low.
If you are interested in the LP-6 Testing (which is really a total of 14 blood tests), call the office and schedule your appointment.

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