Linda Hillebrand, D.O.ACOG


Dr. Hillebrand, Obstectrics and Gynecology,  is our newest member of the team who brings with her many years of expertise in maintaining optimal hormonal balance in women of all ages. In addition to her primary training, Dr. Hillebrand has attended a Fellowship in Interventional Endocrinology and Anti Aging Medicine. She has worked in association with Dr. Gordon for over 6 years before moving to the Millennium Health Centers to head up the Female Wellness program (she also sees male patients).

Adolescent hormonal imbalances can cause altered psychological states, Migraines, acne, fibrocystic disease of the breasts, and ovarian cysts.  Hormonal changes later in life are the precipitating causes of Per- and Post-menopausal symptoms consisting of fatigue, lack of sexual drive, breast cysts, mood swings,weight gain, muscle weakness, and insomnia causing altered mental status. We are finding when these deficiencies are corrected that the woman regains her life. 

Estrogen Dominance is a hormonal condition where the level of Estrogen is elevated relative to the level of Progesterone. When this happens there are issues with mental functioning, mood, appetite, weight gain, bloating, lack of sex drive(Libido)breast cysts, ovarian cysts, irregular and abnormal menstruation, headaches, migraines, lack of energy due to poor sleep or insomnia, depression and anxiety. A simple female hormonal blood panel is all that it takes to diagnose and direct treatment for this condition.