Step I:  You have completed your INTAKE FORM and we have received it.  Thank you. Next go on to Step II.
Step II: You can now download our new patient information packet (NPIP).  This document is used for both Wellness and TBI patients.
The documents that do not pertain to you DO NOT NEED to be filled out.
Only when this document is filled-out and returned to us will you be contacted by our office.  At that time you can get answers to any of your questions.  
Your credit card will not be billed until you talk with the office.  Once your credit card is charged you will be contacted by a representative from Access Medical Laboratories to set up your blood draw.
They will send you a special kit that you will present to the nurse who draws your blood.  
Further instructions and information are included in the New Patient Information Packet (NPIP).
So to move forward, please download these documents which can be filled out on-screen, saved to your hard drive and then emailed to us:

New Patient Intake Packet_2017 - Click Here

Send your completed forms to .

Once we receive these documents someone in the office will call you BEFORE any charges are made.