Be lean and Nutritionally fit:


Dr. Edwin Lee has done it again. He has mastered the power of the body and shares with you a missing link - Insulin. We have spent countless decades avoiding Fats and Cholesterol while increasing the number of damaging carbohydrates that we are eating. Dr. Lee will share with you the medical science that can predict obesity based upon a diet rich in simple carbohydrates. 
Supporting Dr. Lee's thesis is Alison M. Gordon, BS who have graduated from UCSD with Honors in Nutrition and Food Technology. Having been raised in a medically fit family of physicians and dentists ( along with her two sisters) she has provided an exhausting compendium of nutritionally balanced and tasty meals you can drink.  
We are proud to announce that Alison M. Gordon, has just completed an additional 4 years of medical training to become a Naturopathic Doctor. She will be taking her licensing examination in August 2016 and thereafter she will be adding to the capabilities in the Millennium Health Centers,Inc. opening up the division of Functional and Nutritional Medicine. She is available for consult by appointment only at 818.990.1166.

Loosing Weight just became easier:
The newest dietary combination product is now available from the Millennium.
The combination of a low dose appitite suppresant with a low dose headache medication has been shown to reduce appetite with minimal side effects as opposed to past prescription medications. In order for you to be accepted into our Gain Knowledge - Loose Weight program, you must be medically cleared by a Millennium physicians and be seen by Alison M. Gordon.   Ninety-Seven (97%) percent of the Phen-Phan dieters lost weight and then gained it back. Why? They were not supported with training in healthy nutiritional-lifestyle eating.  

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